TRISTAN WILLSON was shooting 5-stand before it was cool—and it shows.

PullUSA: What do you like about 5-stand?

Tristan Willson: I like the target variation that you get in 5-stand. Seeing all of the different targets and getting different combinations makes it one of the most well- rounded disciplines in my opinion. I have been shooting 5-stand since 2016.

PullUSA: How did your love of clay target sports begin?

Willson: I first learned to shoot a gun when I was 5. My dad has always been with me when it comes to shooting. I love shooting because it truly is an art form. Shooting is so technical and so mental, and I think it takes great amounts of concentration and skill.

PullUSA: Why should students give the League a try?

Willson: For a student that is wanting to get involved, there is really no better option. Anybody, big or small, can shoot. Anybody can put in the work and improve their skills. The League also helps teach much needed knowledge, safety, and understanding of firearms, which is paramount.

PullUSA: Any plans or goals?

Willson: I plan on shooting after high school and into college. I hope to shoot competitively the rest of my life. My dream is to make it to the Olympics for skeet.

PullUSA: Any good hunting stories?

Willson: In November of 2018, I was sitting in my deer stand and saw a doe come out in front of me. I took her, and as soon as I did, the biggest buck of my life walked right back out. I ended up filling out both of my tags in a matter of 20 seconds.

PullUSA: What was your first impression of the League?

Willson: This is only my first season in the League, but it is one of the most
organized, prepared, and well-functioning organizations I have ever shot for. I was really ecstatic when I learned that we would still have a shooting season. I can’t thank the League enough for bending and molding to what is going on right now. They’re awesome.