League Founder Jim Sable Retires

The USA Clay Target League’s esteemed founder, Jim Sable, has stepped down from his roles as Board Chair and President of the League.

The longtime clay target shooting enthusiast started an after-school mentoring program at the Plymouth Gun Club in 2001, which led to the creation of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League in 2008.

Just three teams and 30 students participated in its initial year. Today the League is the largest youth clay target shooting program in the nation, with nearly 30,000 students on over 900 teams expected to participate in League programs during the 2018-19 school year.

John Nelson, who had previously served as Vice President and Board Member, has been elevated to the position of President by the League’s Board of Directors. Nelson has been involved with the League since its inception.

“The success of the League is because of Jim’s vision and determination,” –JOHN NELSON, PRESIDENT

Nelson said. “Jim’s devotion to youth shooting sports, and his unrelenting drive to create a lasting, safe, school-based program has resulted in the League being a beacon in the shooting sports world.”