Gabriel Wainwright

Gabriel Wainwright is a busy kid. The freshman plays football and baseball for Gouverneur High School in upstate New York. He’s a trapper, hunter, and fisherman. 

He’s also a key member of the Gouverneur clay target team, which finished fifth in the 2018 New York State High School Clay Target League State Tournament last spring. Gabriel tied for fourth in the State Tournament High Gun Overall, and this fall, he captured 1st-place honors in the Fall League. 

Gabriel talked about his experience on the line. 

PullUSA: Why did you join the League? 

Gabriel Wainwright: I grew up shooting guns my whole life. My school finally offered the trap shooting team two years ago, so I joined. I joined because I love shooting and this gave me a chance to shoot for my school.

PullUSA: What do you like most about the League?

Wainwright:How serious the coaches take things. For example, the safety of using guns, and the coaches putting time in and their overall dedication to us. 

PullUSA: What other activities have you taken part in outside of the League? 

Wainwright:I play football, baseball and trap shoot in the fall and spring for our school. I also enjoy hunting, fishing and trapping for recreational sport and also practice trap shooting in my spare time.

PullUSA: What do you like most about competing in the State Tournament?

Wainwright:We get to shoot against other competitors all in one place and shoot at a different range. Also I liked observing the Wall of Fame of the past winning trap shooters.

PullUSA: What’s the most important advice you can give to younger student athletes?

Wainwright:Always keep trying because you won’t get better if you stop shooting. And don’t get discouraged on how many you missed—stay focused on the next shot.

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