CORA SMITH WORKS HARD, ON AND OFF THE LINE. The Waverly High School grad and proud skeet team member was awarded the Jim Sable Environment & Conservation Education Scholarship from the USA Clay Target League along with a track/cross-country scholarship from James Madison University, which she will be attending this fall.

PullUSA: What are your academic/ career plans and interests as you move on to college?
Cora Smith: At James Madison I will be majoring in intelligence analysis and minoring in geospatial information systems. I hope to graduate and obtain a position in the FBI, CIA, or a private security agency.

PullUSA: What was your most memorable moment with the League?
Smith: I really enjoyed having the opportunity to be a member of the Waverly Skeet Team. My favorite memory was when Senator Fred Akshar attended one of our practices and my teammates and I were able to talk to him and take some photos with him.

PullUSA: When did you learn to shoot?
Smith: I first learned to shoot a gun when I was 8 with my dad. I learned how to shoot skeet when I was 12—also with my dad—and practiced off and on throughout the years. It was very difficult at first, but I love a good challenge, so of course I worked hard to be more consistent and a better shooter. It is a lifelong activity that I can do with my family and friends. It’s fun and has provided me with so many fond memories I will cherish forever.

PullUSA: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on the line?
Smith: The best advice I’ve received on the line is to follow through the target. If you don’t follow through, odds are you’re going to be behind the target and miss.

PullUSA: Why should kids give the League a shot?
Smith: The League is a great way for students to get involved at school and make new friends. I made a lot of friends in different grades through our skeet team. I only wish our school would’ve started this team sooner.