CORRIE CLONINGER HUNTS DEER, DUCK, AND CLAYS. “So there isn’t much time for other things,” the junior from Bessemer City, North Carolina said. That’s one reason she was the Skeet National Conference High Overall last fall.

PullUSA: Why did you join the League?

Corrie Cloninger: To be honest, I did not know much about the USA Clay Target League until about a year ago. It is a great way to meet new people, build strong relationships with your friends and teammates, learn the skill of skeet shooting, and become a better shooter.

PullUSA: Why do you love the sport?

Cloninger: My dad was a competitive trap shooter and wanted to take me to the range to try to shoot skeet and I fell in love with the game. I’ve been shooting for roughly five years now and I love each and every bit of the sport. I have met some wonderful people that I couldn’t imagine my life without. The community that has surrounded me throughout my
shooting career has definitely inspired me not only as a shooter but as the person I am today.

PullUSA: What club do you shoot at? Any stories or favorite memories?

Cloninger: I shoot at Gastonia Parks and Rec. It is just a small three-field range in Gastonia. I have more memories and stories than I can count. I remember my dad taking me to the range to shoot on a Sunday after church or on a Thursday and I would get back in the car after shooting and tell him that one day I’m going to beat him—and now I do!

PullUSA: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on the line?

Cloninger: For me I have a very bad tendency to overthink and lose confidence in myself. I’ve received many pep talks from people I admire. The best advice I’ve received is just encouraging words like “you got this” “do what I know you can do” “make me proud”—things like that.

PullUSA: Any tips for those just starting out?

Cloninger: I would just say go for it and try your best. Do not expect to go out there and shoot in the 20s your first time. It is a process and takes lots of work and practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. And do not give up. Find someone to be a mentor, whether it be a fellow teammate or coach. Don’t ever be scared to ask questions and change things up. We have all been there.