BRACKEN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL TRAP doesn’t feel like just a team to sophomore Jaxon Rees.
“We all work together and encourage each other even when we aren’t
shooting well ourselves,” he said. “Everyone picks each other up. We all spend so much time together that we are more like a family than a team.”
The 2019 Kentucky State High School Clay Target League Fall League High
Overall Male shared his love of shooting sports and the League with PullUSA.

PullUSA: Who taught you how to shoot?
Jaxon Rees: I started shooting when I was 7 years old. My dad, grandfather, and great grandfather all got me into shooting. It’s something we all like to compete in together. My dad and I both won the Kentucky State 4H shoot at the same age—14.

PullUSA: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on the line?
Rees: When I first started shooting I let missing a bird get my head, until a much wiser shooter, Hank Colemire, came to me on the line and said “When you miss a bird, let it go. You can’t reshoot it, son.” He was one of a kind and unfortunately he lost a battle with cancer but I can still hear him when I’m standing on that line.

PullUSA: Do you think the League will continue to grow in Kentucky?
Rees: Yes, I see this League growing. We have a team because we had parents and school board members that wouldn’t give up on getting us a high school team.

PullUSA: What other activities have you taken part in outside of the League?
Rees: I like to hunt in every season, fish when the weather’s right, and play
basketball. I also work on a farm.

PullUSA: What’s one great memory from the League?
Rees: Getting invited and attending the National Championship in Mason, Michigan was a great memory. There were traps for miles and it was an awesome experience.