Watch and Learn

This spring, more than 10,000 new athletes joined the USA High School Clay Target League. Along with those students, there were an additional 200-plus teams, nearly 1,000 new coaches and team staff, and of course 20,000 more parents!

While such amazing growth is exciting, it’s also a challenge to get those tens of thousands of excited new participants, coaches, and spectators all on the same page. To help with the process, the League has been working to develop a two-part animated educational video series designed to educate everyone on the basic processes and procedures of participating in clay target shooting sports.

The first video in the series is about trap and skeet shooting procedures. Starting with a student’s arrival to the field, the League’s new video will walk viewers through League shooting procedures, safety information, and the importance of eye and hearing protection.

Viewers will then be introduced to the score- keeper, the RSO, and are then shown a demonstration of how a typical round proceeds, including an explanation of the rules and procedures regarding shotgun malfunctions. The video will be agreat tool to introduce the sport and how it works to new athletes, parents, volunteers, and school administrators.

The second video in the series will highlight scoring procedures. The video will begin by introducing viewers to a typical score- sheet, and then walk them through how to effectively manage participating athletes while accurately scoring a typical round. Examples of what a DEAD and LOST target are included, along with how to handle disputed calls, target refusal, and NO BIRD scenarios.

Keep an eye out for the videos in the Policies & Procedures section of your state’s High School Clay Target League website. The League continues to be dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all participating athletes, parents, and coaches nationwide!