Isabel Myren


PullUSA: How did you get involved in shooting sports and why?

Isabel Myren: Every summer, for as long as I can remember, my family has spent many weekends traveling to various ATA trapshooting events around the country. I learned the fundamentals of trapshooting by listening to trap shooters talk and watching what worked and didn’t work. I started trapshooting when I was about 12. I got tired of watching and wanted to get in on the fun. Plus, I really hate orange.


PullUSA: Why did you join the South Dakota State High School Clay Target League?

Myren: Before the South Dakota State High School Clay Target League started, I used to shoot on a youth league in a town about 180 miles from my home. Shooting on a team in a competitive environment is the best way to develop the skills you need to shoot well in competition. I was excited when South Dakota’s league was announced and when I learned that my school was going to authorize a team. Shooting for my school is such a great opportunity and I really don’t miss the five-hour drive each week.

PullUSA: What do you like most about being in the Clay Target League?

Myren: I really like how the League is set up. Everyone on the team has an equal opportunity to help the team each week. In our conference this year the top 20 scores contributed to the team total. This really encourages us to help each other become the best shooters we can be so that we can shoot our best scores for the team. I’ve made many new friends in school because of the trapshooting league.

PullUSA: What other activities do you participate in?

Myren: My primary focus is being a good student. I just started high school and there are many new opportunities. I’m taking Spanish II and Latin I. Trying to learn two languages is going to be challenging. I’m going to try out some new extracurricular activities like Oral Interpretation.

PullUSA: Do you have any shooting tips or advice for other league members?

Myren: The key to shooting consistent scores is to be consistent in your technique. Make sure that your fundamentals—like stance and gun mount—do not change from shot to shot. If you watch the very best trap shooters you will be amazed at how exacting and repetitive they are in their setup for each shot.

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