NATIONWIDE EXPANSION—and the Beehive State is no exception. Ruger Payne is at the forefront of a young and growing Utah State High School Clay Target League. The 2019 UTSHSCTL High Gun Overall talked about the growing interest in the League, hunting, motorcycles, his future and more.

PullUSA: Is the League growing in Utah?
Ruger Payne: Yes, at Emery High School we’ve done it for two years now and more schools are making teams this year. We’ve tried to make it big in our school. There’s lots of great people, awards, and I got invited to Nationals last year.

PullUSA: What other hobbies do you have outside the League?
Payne: I like hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles. I ride a Honda 250. I used to race but now it’s mostly for fun. I hunt elk and deer. I just like being out in the mountains spending time with family.

PullUSA: Does the League help introduce hunting and shooting sports to more kids and families?
Payne: More and more kids have joined our team every year so I think it helps get kids out to try new things.

PullUSA: Any thoughts on what you’d like to do after high school?
Payne: I want to get a good welding job and shoot clays on my time off. I’d like to take clay shooting as far as I can.

PullUSA: What’s some good advice on the line?
Payne: Take your time before you call for the bird. You have to train your gun to hit all the pigeons.

PullUSA: What’s the best part about the League that would convince others to join?
Payne: You make a lot of close friends and some of the best people you’ll ever meet. You learn skills that will last a lifetime.