GENESIS MUNOZ will be entering her junior year at Andrews High School in West Texas. This past season, Munoz excelled for the Mustangs, earning High Overall Average Female during the 2017 Texas State High School Clay Target League (TXSHSCTL) Spring Season, and High Gun Varsity Female honors for the 2017 TXSHSCTL State Tournament.

PullUSA: How did you get involved in shooting sports? Why?

Genesis Munoz: When I was younger my dad got introduced to sporting clays by one of his good friends. When my dad found out that kids can shoot in 4-H, he began to be passionate about it. Throughout school, I mainly didn’t do much sports. I would focus on my schoolwork and band. But when I saw a great opportunity that I can be in a sport that I’m actually interested in, I said to myself, “Go for it!”

PullUSA: Why did you join the Texas State High School Clay Target League?

Munoz: I joined because I also saw a great opportunity for me and my school. I wanted to be an inspiration to the girls around my school and in the state of Texas, that we ladies can conquer and show that we can do anything—and prove that this sport isn’t just for men!

PullUSA: What do you like most about being a team member or athlete in the League?

Munoz: Being part of a league that is growing tremendously! I am truly blessed to be part of my team. Over the past weeks of shooting in this League, I started to see how my scores were improving.

PullUSA: What activities have you taken part in outside of the League?

Munoz: Band, 4-H and FFA livestock showing.

PullUSA: Do you have any tips or advice for other League athletes?

Munoz: Be persistent, and never stop following!