Arek Wulf

line. The Prairie High School junior and avid outdoorsman plays football, basketball, track, golf, and also happens to be the 2019 Colorado State High School Clay Target League’s High Overall Average student athlete.

PullUSA: When did you first learn to shoot?
Arek Wulf: 
I first learned to shoot when I was 6 years old using a .410 with family. I moved up to a 20 gauge when I was around 8 and began shooting with 4-H, where I was taught the skills needed to be a better shot and how to get into a controlled mental state to shoot trap. My family as a whole got me into shooting, starting with shooting clays every Easter to now shooting thousands of rounds a year.

PullUSA: Has the League been welcoming to all?
It is very welcoming due to the spirit of everyone wanting to grow the League. It’s very important that us student athletes continue to support each other in a positive way and compete with humility.

PullUSA: Do you think the League will continue to grow in Colorado and across the U.S.?
Shooting sports is the safest and fastest growing sport in the U.S. even though a lot of people do not know much about it. The growth is dependent on all of us that know the details to inform those that don’t.

PullUSA: Do you play any other sports or have any other hobbies? Wulf: I am a very active person. If I’m not shooting, I am playing football, basketball, and track through the school year. In the summer, I enjoy working at the local movie theater, golfing, and fishing/hunting.

PullUSA: Do you have any routines or superstitions as you prepare to compete?
My routine is to always hydrate before shoots and I always avoid caffeine at least one to two days before a shoot. I mentally prepare myself so I can focus on one target at a time and nothing else.

PullUSA: What’s one thing you’re working on?
Every shooter, whether it’s shotgun, rifle, pistol, or archery always has something to improve on. That is why we all practice as much as we do. For me, I work a bit more on understanding my teammates to know how to keep them up during the shoot so they can shoot their best.

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