THE TRAP SHOOTING PROGRAM AT TURTLE LAKE HIGH SCHOOL MIGHT NOT EXIST—or at least would have been delayed—without Travis Henck, an outdoor enthusiast and hunter who inquired about starting a team after a run-in with a Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League representative a few years ago. Henck has been a force in the sport, earning top honors in state competition. Now a senior, he spoke with us about the development of his high school team and why the sport is important to him.

PullUSA: How did you get involved in shooting sports and why?

Travis Henck: I have been brought up in a family where knowing how to shoot was a skill learned at a very young age. By the age of 3, I was shooting my toy compound bow next to my dad. It progressed to my pumpup BB gun and has continually progressed to my shotgun and rifles. I started shooting at the local sportsman’s club because they offered free shooting for youth during their summer league. I found that I really enjoyed it and was pretty good at it.

PullUSA: Why did you join your state’s High School Clay Target League?

Henck: All during my elementary and middle school years, I participated in baseball, basketball and even youth football, but I realized that I just didn’t feel like I fit in, or that they were my thing. My dad and I were at Game Fair in Anoka, Minnesota, and talked with the League representative there. I told my dad that I thought it would be cool if our school could ever get a “cool” sport like trap shooting. That began the whole thing.

PullUSA: What do you like most about being a team member or athlete in the League?

Henck: This sport offers me the opportunity to shine with my own skills and abilities, as well as being a leader and helping even the middle school members become a great part of our small team. I also get to compete against other great shooters throughout the state, and have made some good friends through the League.

PullUSA: What activities have you taken part in outside of the League?

Henck: I love to shoot my bow, hunt geese, archery hunt for whitetails, as well as get a little fishing in. I am a member of our youth group at church and enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing a little lunch-hour basketball as well.

PullUSA: What are your plans after high school?

Henck: I plan to attend a local technical college in the field of welding, then maintain a good job in the area, while using my free time to continue to shoot and enjoy all my hobbies.