In 1922, the Federal Ammunition factory began manufacturing shotshells quietly in Anoka, Minnesota. Since the company’s humble beginnings, it has always focused on its customers and supporting its community. Today, Federal continues to do so by supporting wildlife conservation and the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts through its robust conservation and youth shooting sports programs.

For the past four years, I have helped lead these efforts for Federal and it has been a dream come true. I greatly enjoy being a part of Federal’s ongoing support of hunting and shooting sports activities for young and old alike. Federal Premium Ammunition’s mission is to: “Build better ammunition in America to create community, power defense and conserve our heritage.” This means our company not only builds a large variety of shotshell, rimfire, centerfire and handgun ammunition for any shooting discipline, but we also strive to build community and conserve shooting sports heritage by supporting organizations who are like-minded in our mission.

Our company mission statement is woven into our DNA and is a part of everything we do. A shining example of this is our support of the USA Clay Target League. We choose to be involved with this important organization because they introduce the next generation to shooting sports in a positive and safe environment. Studies have shown that with new shooters, having an enjoyable first experience means they are more likely to continue participating. The structure provided in programs like the USA High School Clay Target League and others alike will continue to recruit and retain the next generation of shooting sports enthusiasts. And that’s what these activities need to survive. We believe that the sports of hunting and shooting are integral American pursuits that need to be cherished and passed on to new generations. Supporting the USA Clay Target League is important because it helps save this heritage by ensuring future generations will enjoy the great outdoors.

Doing the work I do every day on behalf of Federal is extremely satisfying because it directly supports conservation, shooting sports, public lands, and the Second Amendment. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports, Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, and the Mule Deer Foundation on behalf of Federal. We here at Federal are always looking ahead, driving to be the best. That’s why we support youth shooting programs like the USA Clay Target League, and why we plan to continue to build upon our support every year. We are certainly very proud to be a part of it.