Bailey Goble


The senior from South Medford High School has been the top female shooter in the Oregon State High School Clay Target League the past two years, and among the top 25 performers overall.

The award-winning chef and trap shooter talked about her love of the sport, baking and beyond.

PullUSA: When did you get involved in shooting sports?
Bailey Goble: 
I was 10 years old when I first started. I joined to try and beat my older brothers at something and it eventually just became a hobby of mine.

PullUSA: Do you try to recruit classmates to join the team?
Yes, I am always talking about shooting and hope that the sport grows. Many people have never heard about it, so the more the word gets out, the better. They usually think it’s something scary until they try it and find that they love it.

PullUSA: Do you think the League has had a positive impact on students? Goble: I believe it is having a huge impact on kids. I know just from personal experience it has taught me to be respectful of others, responsible for my actions, and disciplined in my training.

PullUSA: Is it true you are an award-winning chef ? What is your favorite meal to prepare?
Goble: Yes, I was able to get first place in the Ashland Culinary Festival of 2018. It has always been a passion of mine and is another great stress relief I am able to enjoy. My favorite meal to make would probably have to be biscuits and gravy.

PullUSA: What other activities or hobbies do you participate in?
I also enjoy playing basketball and soccer and plan to continue that throughout college. Other than that I try and put all my energy towards shooting and cooking in hopes that I can make some type of living off of them and continue my passions into adulthood.

PullUSA: Do you have plans for college? Will you continue to shoot?Goble: I am attending Oregon Coast Community College to get my degree
in baking and pastries. I will continue to shoot for the rest of my life and hope that some day I can be a shooting advocate and spread the word about this amazing sport.